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Every Day Hero Project 

RXtreme Games has partnered with Snatch & Run, Kent Youngstrom, Matador Green Energy and J-Song Snacks to bring you the Everyday Hero Project! This is meant to highlight those athletes in our community who seem to have a never ending list of things to do, yet still find time to get into the gym for that hour a day and throw down with the rest of the class. These are the individuals that may never see the view from the top of any podium, but they are certainly familiar with the view of the ceiling as they lie flat on their back after the workout because they left everything on the floor. We are calling out the parents working odd hours who still makes time for his or her own personal health and well-being. We are calling out  the overweight individual who swallowed their pride and worked up the courage to walk in for their first Crossfit class and never looked back. We are calling the diabetic who drank the “koolaid” that is Crossfit and practiced a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. Now that individual no longer needs insulin and their blood work shows normal levels.

We want to emphasize how impressive these individuals are and how inspiring they can be to others.  We want the Charlotte area Crossfit Community to nominate someone from their home box that fits this description. After all, this is what Crossfit is really all about.

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