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SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2022

Athletes 4 Autism is an event dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Autism Speaks. We have a fun-filled partner WOD with an After Party Celebration.


This year, we've nominated 4 Everyday Hero Ambassadors to help lead us through this fundraising event. These hero are someone who stands out in the community. They are always willing to help, show support & strive each day to make this community better. Which is exactly why they were chosen to help us take this years fundraising event to the next level. In a race to raise the MOST money and collect the most teams, they have been given their own team colors/links for you to register under! Find their photo below, click the link below their photo and register now!

 *Please note: no matter what "team" you choose, you will still be registering as your own team of 2 just under a team captain.* 


All proceeds will go to Autism Speaks!


Click on one of our Everyday Hero Ambassadors below. This will take to you their specific link (team). You will register under their link and complete sign up with YOUR team of 2.

Questions? Email us:




A4A everyday hero (Instagram Post).jpg

For more information on Autism Speaks, please visit:

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